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Horse & pony paddockWinter/Spring 2011/12


A dry spring left grass short. Rain arrived early summer and a mild autumn has led to an abundance of grass.

However, with winter round the corner the mild conditions will not last forever. It’s time to ensure that you have siupplies in before the ice and maybe even the snow sets in.

We have supplies of good quality small and large bale Hay (all barn stored) and we hope we can continue to keep you all supplied until the new season.

Straw was more difficult this year due to the wet conditions experienced in July & August. However, we do have supplies of Wheat Straw available  in large bales and a small quantity of small bales.

We would urge you to check your stock and give us as much notice as possible in order to avoid running out.

Paddock care

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on your paddocks, checking the condition of your grass, fencing and gates.

We are able to advise and give free estimates on any work you require from removing your muck heap to re-fencing your paddocks. No job too big or small.


We can undertake all kinds of fencing whether it be post & rail, close board or stock fencing including gates large or small, wooden or metal (references available).

Please don’t forget we are able to supply all types of stone (scalpings, driveway gravel etc), also bulk deliveries of compost (pas 100 approved).


Hazel and
Dan Willis

F.C. Cummins & Sons